In addition to being your new sensual masseuse, I am also an exotic dancer. I'm available for private dancing just for you. Dance moves like you have never seen before! Love, Megan XXXOOO

Bachelor Parties!


Your buddies can hire me for your bachelor party! Have one last bit of fun with my amazing dancing before you settle into marital bliss.

Yacht parties!


Savannah, Georgia is so much more fun if you have a yacht party! And of course you want to hire-a-stripper. Call me. I'm available to add a little spicy dancing to your next yacht fiesta!

Pool Parties!


At your next pool party! A stripper is more fun when she is wet (in a swimming pool that is, lol). We could even order some pizza! Oh yeah.

Let go and have a good time!


Smile! You deserve a stripper today!

Open 24-hours


I understand you have a crazy schedule. Either I will pick up the phone or you can leave me a voicemail 24-hours a day. I'm a workaholic and I love what I do. Let's have fun!